Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scrap Pink

Today in Elgin, the sun was shining and as we joined in the spirit of SCARP PINK, the bottles of pink fizzy stuff helped to make crafting a wee bit trickier than usuall. Hic!

The pink cake was way too sweet but we had to have cake as it was Tracy birthday this week. Once upon a time,(2004) we called her Tracy Sizzix as that is how we remembered her, now she has the full title of Tracy Dowie demonstrator for Bramwell, DT memeber of Funkykits and last but not least she no longer holds the rank of
she's Tracy paperdolls Cricut! LOL

Happy Birthday Tracy :)

Yes we had fun, yes we raised money for a cancer charity, yes we raised our glasses and remembered those who would have been there to fight for the cause with us if only they could.

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