Thursday, August 30, 2007


Boxes and boxes then some more boxes, 27 today! thats not my age LOL :)
But nothing from Sweden or USA.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

September Ist

It's Christmas time at the Studio in ELGIN, all the new seasons stock is slowly arriving.
Come along to our FREE demo day on saturday and see Erika from Funkykits and Tracy from Bramwells, show you loats of top tips to a great crafty Christmas. Open 10-4pm.
Also see a selection of sample from the classes we are running this season.

Tilda Tilda where are you?

As we still wait for the delivery of these cute Swedish Stamps, there is at last some good news on the Stamping Up side of things..........November, roll out the red carpet , SU have given me a date :) Those of you who have expressed a wish to sign up to our team of demos, will be getting their free Stamped images very soon. Something to play with while you wait for your kit, and it gets you started making samples for you own demos.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

More bellas arriving soon.

I love these, I am so into stamping ATM, yes stamping is back in fashion, and yes I am in fashion! LOL
just have to have these
expectafellabella (kbefe2)
babyfellabella (kbefe3)
golfafella (kfe6)
fixafella (kfe8)
fishafella (kfe5)
beerafella (kfe7)
tinkerbella (kbe42)
witchybella (kbe87)
javabellas (kbe57)
giftabella with hat (kbe27)
cosmobella (kbe51)
bookwormabella (kbe85)
stamping bella (kbe19)
shopabellas (kbe35)
sistahoodabellas (incl 2 sentiments) (kbe62)
arivedercibella (kbe11h)
parisbella (kbe17h)
merrybella (cchr13)
loveybella (kbe53)

Oh and I had to order some lovely Swedish stamps from Magnolia. Spoilt, who me!?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bella beauties

We if these Bellas had wings I would be able to say there are flying!
I have had a lot of girls ask to be sent them as the PAPERcrafts studio is
a bit far away from most. We may be " at the end of Gods earth" according to one lady, but were are quick off the mark when it comes to hot new trend.

Here are a list of the bellas you will find me playing with at the studio.

cake,dainty,emmy,mama,prega,prezzi,imelda,garde,flowah,teacha,nurse,bridal party,large teddy,ballerina, music,billboard,hitched, giddyup and puppy

Ok so this is not enough and I am about to ask Emily for more, no no no , I aint greedy, I just love them. :)