Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bella beauties

We if these Bellas had wings I would be able to say there are flying!
I have had a lot of girls ask to be sent them as the PAPERcrafts studio is
a bit far away from most. We may be " at the end of Gods earth" according to one lady, but were are quick off the mark when it comes to hot new trend.

Here are a list of the bellas you will find me playing with at the studio.

cake,dainty,emmy,mama,prega,prezzi,imelda,garde,flowah,teacha,nurse,bridal party,large teddy,ballerina, music,billboard,hitched, giddyup and puppy

Ok so this is not enough and I am about to ask Emily for more, no no no , I aint greedy, I just love them. :)

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