Friday, August 17, 2007

More bellas arriving soon.

I love these, I am so into stamping ATM, yes stamping is back in fashion, and yes I am in fashion! LOL
just have to have these
expectafellabella (kbefe2)
babyfellabella (kbefe3)
golfafella (kfe6)
fixafella (kfe8)
fishafella (kfe5)
beerafella (kfe7)
tinkerbella (kbe42)
witchybella (kbe87)
javabellas (kbe57)
giftabella with hat (kbe27)
cosmobella (kbe51)
bookwormabella (kbe85)
stamping bella (kbe19)
shopabellas (kbe35)
sistahoodabellas (incl 2 sentiments) (kbe62)
arivedercibella (kbe11h)
parisbella (kbe17h)
merrybella (cchr13)
loveybella (kbe53)

Oh and I had to order some lovely Swedish stamps from Magnolia. Spoilt, who me!?

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